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13710 SPED OMEGA Aide (HS) (13710)

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Title13710 SPED OMEGA Aide (HS)
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To work under the supervision of the special education teacher and assist in the special education student's daily training program; the aide may possibly help with the feeding, lifting, and individualized care of special education students; the aide may assist with daily instructional and non-instructional activities, including student management






  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Valid Texas Educational Aide Certificate
  • ParaPro Exam or PAC Test (No Child Left Behind) / 48 College Hours
  • Bilingual Test (if applicable)


Special Knowledge / Skills:

Ability to work with special needs students

  • Ability to work with students without direct supervision
  • Ability to understand and implement requirements as stated in an Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.)
  • Ability to deal with students in a fair but firm manner
  • Ability to restrain disruptive students
  • Ability to work in a stressful situation
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality issues 



 Previous work experience with children



  1. Assist teacher in routine classroom management duties
  2. Assist in preparing instructional materials
  3. Assist in maintaining classroom environment and supplies
  4. Assist students in homework preparation, test taking
  5. Modify teacher's assignments, tests, and other instructional entities
  6. Maintain records, files and other pertinent documents on each student
  7. Communicate students' needs to faculty and staff
  8. Assist in maintaining a safe environment for students, faculty, staff
  9. Assist in implementing student's behavior management plan
  10. Assist in the loading and unloading of the school buses
  11. Participate in the activities involved with physical education classes
  12. Assist with individual student's personal hygiene needs
  13. Feed or assist students in feeding themselves
  14. Lift, move, and position students in a variety of settings
  15. Be aware of student's various medical concerns
  16. Escort students to different locations in the building
  17. Monitor students during various activities during the school day
  18. Be able to work with any student as determined by the student’s I.E.P.
  19. File various documents in students’ folders
  20. Assist in orienting students to class schedule each semester
  21. Obtain any necessary textbooks for different programs
  22. Perform other duties as determined by the special education teacher or the principal




Mental Demands:


Ability to read and interpret written instructions; ability to communicate effectively (verbal); ability to hear and place the location of sounds; maintain emotional control under stress


Physical Demands / Environmental Factors:


Ability to push and or pull 100 lbs; ability to maneuver wheelchairs, walkers, or other wheeled apparatus; ability to physically restrain disruptive students; ability to reach above head or straight out from body; ability to stand continuously for at least 30 minutes; ability to use hands in performing certain tasks, such as diaper changing, feeding, and helping with life skills.



Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangeAnnually
LocationPasadena High School

Applications Accepted

Start Date07/19/2021