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Title88051-Student Teacher
Posting ID88051

JOB TITLE: Student Teacher



Primary Purpose:


In collaboration with the univeristy and/or alternative certification program (ACP), provide student teachers with appropriate learning activities and experiences designed to help them fulfill their teacher certification requirements. Enable student teachers to develop competencies and skills to successfully achieve teacher certifaiton in the State of Texas.




  1. Meet university and/or ACP requirements for student teacher placement (not Observation or Field Experierence hours)
  2. Communicate with univeristy and/or ACP of your preferred placement in Pasasdena ISD
  3. Univeristy and/or ACP will communicate with Marty Moffett, to coordinate placement
  4. Once approved, complete Student Teacher Application.
  5. All student teachers will be processed as Substitutes; therefore DPS fingerprints are required
  6. All student teachers must complete employee paperwork and receive an ID from Human Resources before placement begins


ALL communication will be via email with Substitute Office personnel.

 Observations request are no longer being accepted for the Spring Semester; Summer Sessions will be avaiable soon.



Shift TypeN/A
Salary RangeN/A
LocationHuman Resources

Applications Accepted

Start Date05/14/2020