JOB TITLE: Campus Coach

DUTY DAYS: 190 Days


SALARY SCHEDULE: Click for Salary Schedule


Primary Purpose:


Provides professional support in planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating, and improving the instructional program in all subject areas. 

Guides teachers in setting goals and planning for professional growth.





Special Knowledge/Skills:  



Major Responsibilities and Duties

  1. To provide a range of support to teachers, students and parents
  2. To improve and enhance instruction in all subject areas

  3. To assist in the implementation of curriculum, standardized assessment, and professional development

  4. To provide instructional coaching at the campus level to promote students success with mastery of content and language standards


  1. Works closely with campus teams and individual teachers to plan instruction, assessments, and strategies for differentiating for all students

  2. Supports teachers’ understanding and implementation of content and language standards

  3. Facilitates the analysis of school achievement data at the campus and team levels to identify strengths and weaknesses within all content areas and to assess language development

  4. Collaborate with teams and individual teachers in developing plans to address achievement gaps, to provide remediation, and to facilitate the acceleration of learning for all students

  5.  Monitor, evaluate and report student progress and achievement

  6.  Provides supports for planning and delivery of targeted instruction to address achievement gaps, to provide remediation, and to assist in the acceleration of learning

  7. Research and recommends current research-based instructional practices to enhance student learning

  8. Assist in the investigation and acquisition of instructional materials (including technology) to support learning and language outcomes

Instructional Coaching

  1. Regularly conduct observations of classes in order to provide instructional support, to collect and organize data to generate conversations, and to evaluate the effectiveness of implementation of planned instruction, assessments, and strategies for differentiating for all students

  2. Models effective teaching strategies in individual classrooms

  3. Observes individual teachers and facilitates reflective conversations and/or provides targeted feedback regarding the effective implementation of content and language standards

  4. Provides opportunities for other teachers to observe effective instructional strategies, classroom management, and differentiation of curriculum within a classroom setting

Learning Environment

  1. Serves as a resource for curriculum, assessment, instructional, and classroom management strategies and resources

Professional Practices and Responsibilities

  1. Provide, designs and delivers professional development activities for teachers  

  2. Conducts demonstration lessons throughout the year modeling concretely how to use the ideas and activities learned during professional development

  3. Attends and participates in ongoing professional development and district meetings

  4. Provide assistance to schools in parent education if applicable

  5. Foster positive relationships within the community

  6. Serves on school leadership teams

  7. Collaborates with campus administrators, consultants, counselors, instructional specialists, tech liaison, testing coordinator, paraprofessionals, students, parents, and CIS if applicable

  8. Organize, facilitate, coordinate or assist in instructional programs and incentives.

  9. Works with counselors and teachers to design and provide effective interventions for students at risk of failing

  10. Attend required trainings to develop or refine knowledge and skills for coaching, curriculum content, and instructional strategies

Working Conditions:


Mental Demands:


Ability to communicate effectively (verbal); maintain emotional control under stress; interpret policy, procedures, and data; coordinate district functions


Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to sit, talk, hear, stand, and walk.  The employee is occasionally required to reach with hands and arms, and will frequently repeat the same hand, arm, or finger motions such as when typing.  Employee will frequently interact with the public, parents, and other staff members.  Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision.


General office environment.  The noise level is quiet to loud depending on the activity.  The employee is continuously interacting with the public, staff, and students.  The employee must frequently meet multiple demands from several people.


May 9, 2019