JOB TITLE: Special Education Teacher

DUTY DAYS: 187 Days


SALARY SCHEDULE: Click for Salary Schedule


Primary Purpose:


Provide instruction in accordance with the Individual Education Plan to students identified under IDEA. Participate in the Child Centered Process as a member of the Multidisciplinary Team. Participate in the ARD/IEP process as the representative or committee member from special education instruction.






Special Knowledge/Skills:  




  1. Plan and provide instruction to students identified as disabled under IDEA in accordance with the Individual Education Plan

  2. Interface with other service providers such as Speech Language Pathologists, counselors, and occupational and physical therapist to coordinate educational efforts

  3. Maintain accurate records and report data as requested including, but not limited to, assignment sheets, grade books, attendance records, report cards, and daily tracking charts

  4. Attend Admission, Review and Dismissal Committee meetings and prepare draft copies of goals and objectives and Behavior Management plans for presentation during the meeting

  5. Participate in the Child Centered Process as a member of the Multidisciplinary Team

  6. Complete Individual Educational Plan Assessments as a part of the Child Centered Process

  7. Evaluate student progress in accordance with guidelines established in the IEP

  8. Monitor special education students' progress in general education settings

  9. Maintain physical environment of the classroom for organizational and instructional purposes

  10. Develop and implement Behavior Management Plans

  11. Provide instructional and curricular modifications to meet academic, behavioral and physical needs of students with disabilities

  12. Teach TEA/district/Campus approved curriculum in accordance with IEP

  13. Meet and instruct assigned classes in the locations and at the times designated. Plan and implement a program of study that meets the individual needs, (as outlined by the ARD Committee in the Individual Education Plan), interests, and abilities of the students using challenging and varied interactive strategies

  14. Provide support to promote success for students assigned to and returning from alternative settings and include parents in planning

  15. Steer the learning process toward the achievement of individual goals and establish clear objectives for all lessons, units, projects, etc. and communicate these objectives to students

  16. Maintain inventory of instructional aides, materials and textbooks in accordance with campus guidelines

  17. Maintain inventory of instructional aides, materials and textbooks from SERS and return in good condition upon request

  18. Initiate and encourage communication between the home and the school and interpret the school program and district policy to the community

  19. Assist in establishing a budget and ordering supplies in accordance with campus/district policy

  20. Assist in ordering supplies for SERS

  21. Follow district guidelines in collecting/receiving/and depositing funds

  22. Create a learner centered community by collaboratively identifying needs; plan and assess instruction using technology and other resources

  23. Assume responsibility for the safety, well-being, and work output of students and others under his/her supervision

  24. Help students with personal as well as academic problems

  25. Pursue personal and professional growth opportunities through staff development and/or institutions of higher learning and model professional standards and teaching excellence

  26. Administer Alternative Assessments as specified in ARD/IEP Report

  27. Interface with general education teachers to maintain student progress and knowledge of current curriculum

  28. Perform other duties as assigned by the principal or Director of Special Education



Mental Demands:


Ability to communicate effectively (verbal); maintain emotional control under stress; interpret policy, procedures, and data; coordinate district functions


Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:


Lifting and carrying more than 50 pounds. Moving and positioning students with severe physical disabilities. Sitting on floor to provide instruction and stimulation. Bending, climbing stairs, crouching, seeing, talking, reading, hearing, writing, and crawling. While performing the duties of job, the employee is constantly required to stand and talk or hear and sometimes walk and sit. Occasionally the employee must bend or twist at the neck more than the average person, push or lift more than 50 lb. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision such as to read handwritten or typed material, peripheral vision and the ability to adjust focus. Occasionally the employee will repeat the same hand, arm, or finger motion many times. Working in area with limited lighting/heat/air conditioning. The noise in the work environment is moderate to loud. The employee is frequently exposed to infection at a greater risk than the average person. The employee must be able to meet multiple demands from several people. The employee is frequently required to interact with other staff members and the public. Working in a nontraditional educational environment including homes. Working in potentially unsafe areas of town. Working in homes which may be clean and well maintained or oppressively filthy and infested with insects and rodents. Potential exposure to second hand smoke, domestic violence and infectious diseases through insects and rodents.