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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
7203- Elementary School Learning Resource Specialist-Librarian (2017-2018)04/21/2017CertifiedSparks ElementaryApply
7201- Elementary Kindergarten Teacher (2017-2018)04/21/2017CertifiedMcMasters ElementaryApply
7202- Elementary 3rd Grade Teacher (2017-2018)04/21/2017CertifiedMcMasters ElementaryApply
7199 Special Education Aide Generic - Resource04/21/2017Paraprofessional InstructionalPasadena Memorial High SchoolApply
7158 SpEd ATP Aide04/21/2017Paraprofessional InstructionalSpecial EducationApply
7156 Appraisal Clerk/Sp Ed Fed04/21/2017Paraprofessional ClericalSpecial EducationApply
Teacher 7198 Technology /Ind. Arts High School 2017-201804/21/2017CertifiedSam Rayburn High SchoolApply
7196- Elementary 4th Grade Teacher (2017-2018)04/21/2017CertifiedFreeman ElementaryApply
7197 SPED Aide ABLE/PABLE04/21/2017Paraprofessional InstructionalTeague ElementaryApply
Teacher 7137 Special Education Inclusion High School 2017-201804/21/2017CertifiedPasadena High SchoolApply
7014- Middle School Math Teacher (2017-2018)04/21/2017CertifiedShaw MiddleApply
7194- Intermediate ELAR Teacher (2017-2018)04/20/2017CertifiedSan Jacinto IntermediateApply
7192- Elementary Bilingual 2nd Grade Teacher (2017-2018)04/20/2017CertifiedBailey ElementaryApply
7193- Elementary Bilingual 3rd Grade Teacher (2017-2018)04/20/2017CertifiedBailey ElementaryApply
7191- Elementary Pre-Kindergarten Teacher (2017-2018)04/20/2017CertifiedBailey ElementaryApply
7190- Middle School Learning Resource Specialist-Librarian (2017-2018)04/20/2017CertifiedFred Roberts Middle SchoolApply
7189- Middle School Math Teacher (2017-2018)04/20/2017CertifiedFred Roberts Middle SchoolApply
7188- Elementary Bilingual Pre-Kindergarten Teacher (2017-2018)04/20/2017CertifiedTeague ElementaryApply
7150- Elementary Music Teacher04/20/2017CertifiedTurner ElementaryApply
7174- Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher (2017-2018)04/19/2017CertifiedThomas Hancock ElementaryApply
7175- Middle School Bilingual 5th Grade Teacher (2017-2018)04/19/2017CertifiedKeller MiddleApply
7176- Elementary Bilingual 2nd Grade Teacher (2017-2018)04/19/2017CertifiedBush ElementaryApply
7177- Elementary Special Education-Resource Teacher (2017-2018)04/19/2017CertifiedThomas Hancock ElementaryApply
7178- Intermediate ELAR Teacher (2017-2018)04/19/2017CertifiedBeverly Hills IntermediateApply
7179- Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher (2017-2018)04/19/2017CertifiedRichey ElementaryApply
7180- Elementary Music Teacher (2017-2018)04/19/2017CertifiedPearl Hall ElementaryApply
7181- Middle School Math Teacher (2017-2018)04/19/2017CertifiedMorris MiddleApply
7182- Middle School Math Teacher (2017-2018)04/19/2017CertifiedMorris MiddleApply
7183- Elementary Accelerated Learning Teacher (2017-2018)04/19/2017CertifiedRichey ElementaryApply
7184 Special Education Aide Generic - Resource04/19/2017Paraprofessional InstructionalThompson IntermediateApply
Teacher 7173 Math High School 2017-201804/19/2017CertifiedDobie High SchoolApply
7172 Campus Independent Study Monitor04/19/2017Paraprofessional InstructionalMarshall Kendrick Middle SchoolApply
7171 Bilingual Aide04/19/2017Paraprofessional InstructionalTeague ElementaryApply
7170 Special Education Aide Generic - Resource04/19/2017Paraprofessional InstructionalTeague ElementaryApply
7154 - Assistant Principal, Elementary & Middle School04/18/2017Campus Level AdministratorThomas Hancock ElementaryApply
7164 - Counselor - High School04/18/2017Campus Level AdministratorSam Rayburn High SchoolApply
7168- Elementary ELAR Peer Facilitator (2017-2018)04/18/2017CertifiedSmythe, Mae ElementaryApply
7169 Communications Specialist04/18/2017Support (Exempt)Printing and CommunicationsApply
7167- Intermediate Math Teacher (2017-2018)04/18/2017CertifiedPark View IntermediateApply
7166 P.E. Aide04/18/2017Paraprofessional InstructionalSmythe, Mae ElementaryApply
7163- Elementary Music Teacher (2017-2018)04/18/2017CertifiedYoung ElementaryApply
7165- Elementary School Nurse (2017-2018)04/18/2017NurseSmythe, Mae ElementaryApply
7155- Middle School Special Education-Resource Teacher (2017-2018)04/18/2017CertifiedMarshall Kendrick Middle SchoolApply
7160- Middle School Bilingual 5th Grade Teacher (2017-2018)04/18/2017CertifiedNelda Sullivan Middle SchoolApply
7161- Middle School Bilingual 6th Grade Teacher (2017-2018)04/18/2017CertifiedNelda Sullivan Middle SchoolApply
7162 SPED Aide ABLE/PABLE04/18/2017Paraprofessional InstructionalNelda Sullivan Middle SchoolApply
7159 Bilingual Master List Clerk04/18/2017Paraprofessional ClericalLomax MiddleApply
7157 SPED Aide ABLE/PABLE04/18/2017Paraprofessional InstructionalPearl Hall ElementaryApply
7153 Night Foreman04/17/2017Support (Exempt)Custodial Operations DepartmentApply
7151 Special Education Aide PPCD04/17/2017Paraprofessional InstructionalTurner ElementaryApply